115 Ann St, Ingersoll, Ontario N5C 2G4, Canada


Welcome to David Skinner Art

Welcome to David Skinner Art

Welcome to David Skinner ArtWelcome to David Skinner Art

About Me


My Experience

Everything in our lives and universe involves some sort of physical action and quite often we return to where we started.  This can be the earth in orbit or our individual lives that evolve and revolve around our work, family, games we play, the season of the year or the day turning into night and then back to day.  Our own lives begin with our birth and end with our final breath.  Everything keeps repeating itself.  This can be something we expect and are comfortable with because we thrive on some sort of repetitiveness. I have tried through my art to express these ideas.


My Work

Let me begin by explaining that I do have a very busy mind and I think that is why the abstract form is attractive to me.  Much of what is seen in my paintings will be a direct feeling of how I am thinking on a certain day or time.  The majority of my paintings incorporate some aspect of movement. It might be sweeping lines that intersect or a circular motion that gives the impression of movement.  I enjoy trying different techniques and materials that give the painting movement, depth and texture.  


David's art is on exhibit at various events and galleries in Canada and the USA. Sign up for his email list and we will let you know where and when his art is exhibiting.

Contact Us

Drop us a line! We would love to hear from you. David also creates commissioned pieces. Please contact us if you would like to work with David on a personal piece.

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